Sunday, 30 May 2010 sadly disappoints

As a regular online clothing browser and shopper, I thought I'd spend a few minutes writing about I love Zara (the shops), but am not that keen on (the site) - and I wish that wasn't the case! They could do much better and increase loyalty and revenue by focusing on their online products. Think Asos or that have done so remarkably well online.

So let's check our their site doesn't yet allow online shopping, at least not in the UK, but they're showcasing their products on a horizontal carousel.

Unfortunately, using a slider to view the full range of say 100 dresses takes its toll on the user's eyes. With only three dresses in view at the same time, it's a real pain for your poor eyes to scroll through all the clothes. Whether your site does e-commerce or not, it should be easier to overview the offering. That's the whole point of specifically browsing a certain category on a publisher's site! The best bit about is their look book, an area of the site which matches its clean and sleak brand.

I've heard Zara's got an app? recently released their own iPhone app which got a fair bit of attention and a luke-warm reception as there wasn't much a user could do with the app except from look at static images of some of the garments. See Econsulty's 'Zara releases a pointless iPhone app' and you'll get the picture.

Is Zara doing social media?
Yes Zara is on Facebook. Whilst they're not lacking a shortage of fans (currently over 2,6 millions), their feed leaves a lot to be desired for. Basically, it's a look book feed with no written engagement from Zara HQ.

Twiter: No.

Company blog: No

So, this is a bit of a disaster!
For a company that knows its customers well and has excelled in managing super quick turn-arounds (reportedly only weeks between HQ design desicion, manufacturing and store availability), I'm a little bit surprised that they haven't yet optimized their site or made a better effort on Facebook. Sure, Zara is doing well already so maybe excelling in an online presence isn't exactly vital, however it's kind of what customers expect nowadays.

What I would recommend
*Clear overview by product - grid system of images and product information is sufficient.
No scrollers or complications.

*Tell me more about Zara. Nowadays, corporate responsibility is a big deal. Promote what you do well, even in areas surrounding your product.

*Focus on the everyday elegance which you do so well. The beauty with Zara is that the clothes and they way they look can convey luxury - at high street prices. Include a visual blog and / or Facebook feed which won't be dependent on the many langugages Zara customers speak. Think The Sartorialist.

*In my ideal world, an easy to use e-commerce site.

Come on you Spaniards, you can do better I know it!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Had this idea of the future

Had this idea the other day, about what kind of device might one day replace laptops and even iPads.

The future is a folder
The folder is of A4 size with hardware inside the thin case. Its inside can when activated function as a keyboard.

Thin A4 screen papers are placed in the folder and can be attached to the case, so when tilted, the folder can function as a conventional screen and keyboard combo.
Each screen paper can store a certain amount of data. You can buy additional papers instead of buying and installing memory to a particular device.

The future is sharing
You can activate more than one screenpaper and they will all be based around the same 'PC' user account. This will come in handy when doing presentations or when gaming with your family.
If your friend has a future folder, you can attach one of your sheets to the folder to share documents.

Light and portable
No more clunky laptops.

Be proud of your pics
Simply slot one of the screenpapers into a frame holder and hang your pictures on the wall!

Does this seem realistic?

Monday, 17 May 2010

Are you on foursquare?

In love with foursquare!

*I can in a stalkerish fashion know where my boyfriend is as he regularly checks in to pubs!
*It's childish fun to check-in and hope to become mayor!
*People who become mayors of US Starbucks branches can get discounts, lucky them.

Seriously excited about foursquare, so many opportunist both for retailers and for consumers.
It's products like these (augmented reality being another) that merge online with offline that feel so exciting right now. This is the future kids!