Monday, 15 February 2010

No product manager could stand this phone

This phone, the LG Cookie, is the worst phone I have ever had. Yes, it's even worse than a bad £29.99 phone I once bought out of desperation. Part of me thinks the reason for detesting this nasty piece of plastic so much, is because I'm a product manager. As a product manager, you're responsible for delivering kick-ass products that w-o-r-k. This phone doesn't. At all. There's no point listing what is wrong with this phone as it's late and I should go to bed.

Lesson learnt, if you're a PM who is fussy about delivering high quality products, buy good quality products. Rant over, have finally given into the iPhone.

Monday, 8 February 2010

If you've got Chrome, you need to get this

Have you got Chrome? Then get TwitterReactions. By installing this extension, you can get tweets related to the site you're on at a click of a button.

1) Open up Chrome
2) Visit Chrome extensions
3) Install (takes a few seconds max)
4) Now browse any site you fancy, and click the 't' right next to the address field and voila! :)


Friday, 5 February 2010

A very cheerful weather site

The weather is a popular subject for many, so here comes a site suggestion; check out Instead of BBC weather which often gets it wrong, or Accuweather which has a pretty cumbersome and dated looking site, check out isitsunshine which gets its data from reliable Norwegian weather group NRK.

Basically, enter your location and see oversized and cute graphic weather icons layed on top of your Google Maps. Move the slider at the bottom of the page to see how the icons change during the five day or so forecast.

What's so neat about this site is reliability (my dad swears by NRK) and detail. Handy for Londonites who want to get an overview of weather differences across town.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Product management blog recommendation

Today I've come across some right ugly sites. Sites which feature savvy content, e-shopping sites which are near to impossibly difficult to use. Whilst it's easy to write and point fingers, I figured it'd be more zen to actually promote sites and blogs that get things right. In fact, that'll be the focus of this blog in 2010.

My first recommendation of the year went to and the second one is a 'double thumbs up' to my lovely colleague Carl Knibbs and his blog. Other than his excellent content on product management, what makes his blog so special?

1. Personality
It includes hand-drawn illustrations, made by Carl himself.

2. Consistency
The illustrations are there for every post.

3. Honesty
Loving the unapologetic banner 'updated - now and then'