Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The simple life

See, sometimes happiness can be just that. A new magazine, a bar of chocolate. Having recently acquired an iPhone has made me think of products that work, that make us happy, that we look forward to using and products which brings a smile to our faces. Turns out, our faves also tend to be quite simplistic and straight forward. Do you agree?

Favourite belongings

*My iPhone. In particular the free Spanish apps which have helped me prepare for trip to South America. ¡Lo amo!

*My bike. It takes me places, keeps me fit and is a tremendous amount of fun to use. As a side note, it's an Africa Bike with backbreak, made to last forever steel frame and three gears. It's basic, but updated to fit today's needs.

*My X-pole (strictly fitness, naturlich). It's like being a kid again, throwing yourself upside down and trying to hang off it only holding on with a tight knee grip. Pole fitness helps you build muscles, get a strong and lean body, is seriously addictive and most of all works wonders for your confidence. It's just a pole and it's good fun.

And as this is a web blog, here are some sites which have taken my fancy lately;

*Soundcloud - 'SoundCloud lets you move music fast & easy. The platform takes the daily hassle out of receiving, sending & distributing music for artists, record labels & other music professionals.' Feels like a new HypeMachine, easy to use and easy on the eye.

*ZentoFitness - 'The simple, no-nonsense guide to staying fit while living life'
Kind of similar to Zen Habits and always brings a bit of perspective to your day. Clean design, straight forward posts and it all makes good sense.

*GOOP - Does what it says on the tin 'Make Go Get Do Be See' signed Gwyneth. Even The Guardian says it's a must-read. Each newsletter has a theme, be it 'Go', 'Do' or 'See' etc. The newsletters are very focused and very engaging to read, they are also very soothing and the blog colour palette is quite muted.

So, what is it about simplicity that makes it so 'in' at the moment? Political climate, tightening purse strings: I'm sure there are numerous socio-economical reasons. Maybe we simply want less stuff, but not compromising on quality.

I read that when Gandhi died, he only had 10 belongings including glasses and shoes. Few of us would be able to or want to cut back on belongings so drastically, but maybe there's a reason for why psychologists say decluttering is a good way to a clearer mind and better psyche. Maybe the quest for simplicity is simply no more than a late 90s Calvin Klein revival gone web, but this time I really think it's here to stay.

(Pardon the pseudo psychological stream of consciousness, just sat through Notting Hill and it was all so romantic and lovely)

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