Monday, 15 February 2010

No product manager could stand this phone

This phone, the LG Cookie, is the worst phone I have ever had. Yes, it's even worse than a bad £29.99 phone I once bought out of desperation. Part of me thinks the reason for detesting this nasty piece of plastic so much, is because I'm a product manager. As a product manager, you're responsible for delivering kick-ass products that w-o-r-k. This phone doesn't. At all. There's no point listing what is wrong with this phone as it's late and I should go to bed.

Lesson learnt, if you're a PM who is fussy about delivering high quality products, buy good quality products. Rant over, have finally given into the iPhone.


  1. Hi Lena,

    Yey, that is a product review :-P
    Well I have never seen this phone in action, but as a distance analysis I only have to complain about the color :-D


  2. Hi Thomas, hope you're well.
    Yeah.. hrm.. I suppose it was a bit harsh (even though it's still true), plus it was *maybe* written after a glass or two of pinot :)