Sunday, 27 September 2009

Net-a-porter mistake, I love you. I love you dearly. But for such a nice and clean landing page, I'd recommend making each individual image of a shoe click-able, linking through to the specific product page. Just to make it easier for users to find the shoe they like the idea of, such as the Jimmy Choo on the top right hand side. Think NAP could be missing out on a few clicks from click-and-card-tastic ladies.

Friday, 25 September 2009

When crisis strikes

Sometimes you work on product development, and you realize that something ain't quite right.

1) Get a nice neat summary of what's going on. All too easy to end up with an oversized Outlook inbox full of 'what's going on emails' from team.

2) Present problem in a clear and digestable way to the stake holder.

3) Work on solutions. No need for panic.

These sort of situations may be difficult whilst you're in the midst of it, but they're what makes you develop and become a better product manager.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

This tool will change your life

Wow quite a sensationalist headline there, but I've come across (thanks to colleague) an extremely useful product...

Welcome to

What is
A really handy and efficient tool to quickly produce HTML wireframes.

If you're spending time wireframing in say PowerPoint, only to re-do them in Photoshop, only to code them to take them online - especially when working with forms - then Axure's really going to save you hours.

Basically, download the free trial and start playing around. What's so good about this, is that you can upload it as an HTML. Colleagues can have a go testing and using the pages as if they were live HTML mocks.

Selling points from Axure's website which I fully back;
  • Design efficiently.
  • Experience your design early to test ideas.
  • Engage stakeholders to gather valuable feedback.
  • Automate specifications avoiding tedious documentation.
  • Enable design collaboration.
I can't stress enough how good this tool is.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Blurring the lines

My boyfriend's just got an iPhone and it's amazing just how convenient it is for browsing sites. And being able to use it on the go. Of course this is no news, but when you really think about it... it's fantastic seeing lines blur between the previously stationary (yes I'm including laptops here) PCs and smart palm devices.

With smart apps, and the future mass market launch of augmented reality products, I wonder just how much our lives will change?

Basic thoughts I suppose, but web sites and product managers shouldn't underestimate the power of truly mobile internet. How can your site or product be used when on the go? Are there any advantages to using your product when in an office or when shopping on the high street? How will you be able to adapt and crack new markets?

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Read this and your forms will rule

My lovely design colleague Jamie sent me a really useful link today about inline validations when building a form. This link has given me plenty of inspiration and will help us build a hopefully excellent web form.

Anyone working on a web form should read it.

Well written, perfectly demonstrated and it all makes sense.

Here it is, Inline validation.