Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The young Swedish and female fashion bloggers

I'm Swedish and regularly check Swedish blogs, in fact, fashion blogs.
Did you know that 28% of 16 - 18 year old Swedish females have their own blogs?
Fashion blogs in my home country has come to dominate media and have huge loyal followings.

'Young women dominate the blogosphere and to them, blogging has become a large part of their internet experience.'
(from Swedish report World Internet Institute)

The top blogs are;
*Blondinbella - the life of ambitious and glamourous Isabella Lowengrip
*Kissie - young fashionista, expect pink and an abundance of blonde hair

These girls have become a force to reckon with; their readers love getting daily updates and become inspired by these girls' seemingly glamourous lifestyle. And the bloggers? They're on front pages of fashion magazines and raking in advertising revenue. Good for both.

So why isn't this female blogpower sweeping across the North Sea to the UK?

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  1. Yes! I,m also have my site about womens of fashion