Monday, 2 November 2009

Time to join Confused's social network?

Matt Hunter from Confused has recently launched a new Ning network called Show Me The Money aimed at professionals in the price comparison field. Guess I'm one of them so should I join?

Their first blog post says; 'We've been playing with the idea for a while but now we've decided it's about time we created an industry forum. Where else can we flirt, fluant and do other things starting with f?'

Could be entertaining and insightful, or are they after company secrets? ;)

Clicked on 'sign up' link... the sign up page features this copy which kind of puzzled me a bit;
'Promote a financial product or service through major price comparison sites in the UK - or get a white label comparison service on your site'

Wassup here??


  1. Hi Lena. Sorry about the mixed message on sign up. We set the site up a couple of months ago and weren't initially sure what it could be. That text was left overs from our initial playing about. I've just changed it to better reflect what the site is now about:

    This site aims to offer anyone in the industry an opportunity to share ideas and have fun. There's no company bias & currently no moderation

    Whether people want to have such a site we'll just have to wait and see!

    Thanks for pointing out the gaff

  2. Hey Matt

    Ah thanks for commenting. It's a really neat idea and it'll be interesting to see where you and the community take it! Cute Halloween pics :)