Monday, 2 November 2009

Product manager test

The Pragmatic Marketing site has published a test which highlights your effectiveness with certain business areas such as sales, tech etc.
Example question;

It’s hard to believe that in these difficult times you find yourself with two job offers. Both jobs offer similar base pay and benefits, and both jobs provide a very good fit for your career goals. Your gut is already telling you which one you want. Clearly, you are drawn to the job that offers:
  1. A chance to work with really cool technology
  2. Preferred stock options that could be worth a lot when the company goes public or is acquired
  3. A great big bonus if your product meets its revenue goals

Quite amusing and intersting as it's focused on the product manager role.

Here's my result and I think it's kind of correct. How about you? Let me know! :)

'Technology and Sales. What a rare combination. You will never lack job opportunities. But will your products make money?'

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