Wednesday, 16 September 2009

This tool will change your life

Wow quite a sensationalist headline there, but I've come across (thanks to colleague) an extremely useful product...

Welcome to

What is
A really handy and efficient tool to quickly produce HTML wireframes.

If you're spending time wireframing in say PowerPoint, only to re-do them in Photoshop, only to code them to take them online - especially when working with forms - then Axure's really going to save you hours.

Basically, download the free trial and start playing around. What's so good about this, is that you can upload it as an HTML. Colleagues can have a go testing and using the pages as if they were live HTML mocks.

Selling points from Axure's website which I fully back;
  • Design efficiently.
  • Experience your design early to test ideas.
  • Engage stakeholders to gather valuable feedback.
  • Automate specifications avoiding tedious documentation.
  • Enable design collaboration.
I can't stress enough how good this tool is.


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