Sunday, 16 August 2009

A double thumbs up to Gwynnie and GOOP

Today's's promoting an article which confirms what GOOP readers always have known, Gwynyeth Paltrow's publishing project is a success. It's lovely to see The Guardian celebrating her success, especially considering her idea was at first mocked by many.

For those not familiar with GOOP, it's Gwyneth's zen based site to provide thoughts and advice on a wide range of topics, tagged by 'make' 'go' 'eat' 'do' 'be' and 'see'.

Content - and celebrity status authorship aside - when just looking at the actual product, it's no wonder that GOOP has been a success.

GOOP is consistent. The navigation is 100% crystal clear. After a few GOOP emails, you immediately notice the structure;

*Tag (eat / do etc)
*Introduction to the subject
*Gwyneth's opinion
*3-10 opinions of her acquaintances often with spiritual backgrounds.

All delivered in a very simplistic layout where there should be no distractions but copy.

For those wishing to learn more about GOOP, the address is

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