Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Which career route had the Internet not existed?

I was watching BBC1 documentary on Ida the 47 million year old fossil last night. If it wasn't for Ida, there would have been no monkeys, and if it wasn't for monkeys....

OK I know the connection is pretty lose, but it's interesting to think where we might have been had it not been for the invention of mobile and Internet technology that we now take for granted. When I was in my early teens, I didn't think the Internet would make any real difference to my career choices - but now I know better!

My likely job to had it not been for the Internet
*Accountant / broker - I really thought economy was for me. It was a "parents do it, must be good" choice.
*Artist - a rebel part in me wanted to become go down the fine art route.

Do I wish I would have stuck to my early plans?
Nope. Even though my bank balance might have been healthier had I gone down the finance part, I don't think I would have enjoyed the work or the working hours.

In terms of keeping creativity online, my current job allows me to think creatively and the opportunity of blogging, creating sites etc means that I can take my ideas much further than a canvas. I am SO pleased I ended up working within the online world. Don't think there's any turning back.

What would you have done, had the Internet not been invented?


  1. Good question Lena! Your career options seem pretty polarised! Do you think product manager falls in between those two?!

    I used to do a bit of Am Dram and wanted to be a newsreader or an actress!

  2. Hi Verity
    They do call product managament the "accidental" role! Maybe there's something to it.

    I believe you would have made an excellent actress.