Friday, 22 May 2009

Use the web to nourish your talent

Last night I watched "Beyonce - My Story" on the music channel TMF. Would she recommend others to take up singing and pursue a singing career?

"Yes if it's what's right for you. I see singing as my gift and wouldn't do anything else".

What is your gift - and how to use the web to get going

I think deep down, each and everyone know what their "gift" is. That one thing that you LOVE doing. Even though your current occupation may not relate to your gift or skills, the Beyonce interview made me realize that we should try to utilize our skills and not let them fade away.

Always aspired to be a writer? Start a blog. There are countless resources online which can help you on your way and develop your own personal voice online. It's really easy to get going with free blog platforms - few tech skills needed. Some blog platforms worth checking are, and Wordpress.

Into crafts and diy? It's easy to start a project... and not finish it. But if you get part of a community chances are you will get more engaged, finish it and watch the (hopefully positive) critique come through. I'd recommend CutOutAndKeep for a seriously 2.0 take on craftiness.

Want to make a difference? Many social sites now make it easier than ever to get engaged. Organizations such as Oxfam and Amnesty offer online petitions and information on their campaigns.

Prefer being behind the camera? Forget any self critique and start experimenting. Then upload pictures to sites such as Flickr and see what others have to say. If you enjoy it, set yourself a goal of say one photo per week.

We may not be able to shake it quite as Queen B - but we can work what we've got!


  1. Have you seen Squidoo where people write about things they are experts on?