Friday, 29 May 2009

Three power blogs worth checking out

Fancy broadening your blog horizon?
Start by taking a look at some of the blogs on the Advertising Age's "Power 150" blog list (which is updated daily).

It's definitely worth taking some time every week to catch up with thoughts and trends on other professions within advertising and media. Marketing gurus - check some tech blogs. Product managers - check out some marketing blogs.


Nr 9 Logic + Emotion
A lovely blog by David Armano which balances as the name says logic and emotion. Any blog which dabbles with emotions will from the word go make me feel more engaged and enticed to follow. His latest post is on the unspoken 50/50 Twitter (following v follower) rule. I'm sure I'm not the only who felt a pang of "yes" when the followers count exceeded the following...

Nr 33 Copyblogger
Now this blog is buuusssyyy. Each post usually has more than 100 comments, what an aspiration!
"Now that blogging has become the smartest strategy for growing an authoritative web site, it’s your copywriting skills that will set you apart and help you succeed."
Anyone would benefit from checking this blog once in a while.

One post called "Screwed Up Your Blog?" is particularly interesting. It focuses on how you can turn your blog around from something that just didn't quite turn out as expected - to something much more successful (regardless of how you see success);

"If you’re new to blogging, the best place to start is copywriting. It’s not because copywriters are marketing geniuses (although some of them are), but because copywriting is so similar to blogging. The chief objective of both is to get attention and build a relationship. The difference is that copywriters have been doing it for almost a century longer, and they have a lot more data to work from."

Nr 12 Social Media Explorer
For those who can't get enough of social media, or have just taken off their sandals to dip their toes into the sea of Tweetdeck etc, then SocialMediaExplorer is an excellent first port of call.

This is a personal blog, created by Jason Falls and it covers everything from philosophy to social.

I'm particularly impressed by the post "10 Sure-Fire Ways to Maximise Your Online Distribution Channel". He provides necessary information and useful advice in a digestive manner - and it's a pleasure to read!

Without going into details, these are his core 10 ways to MAXIMISE (I do recommend checking the post for more info on each of these);

1. Provide Killer Content

2. Leverage Social Syndication

3. Provide More Than One Format

4. Make Sure You Understand Basic SEO

5. Follow an Editorial Calendar

6. Incorporate e-Newsletters

7. Provide Downloadable Content

8. Don’t Forget Offline Strategies

9. Build Relationships

10. All Roads Lead Back to Home

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